IMG_9533So we have these two dogs. Well… they are still very much puppies in many ways.  The Odin is the oldest, he is just over two, and Freyja is just 9 months old.  Freyja hasn’t quite gotten the sleep through the night thing down yet. So we get up very early in the morning to let her out to do her “business.”

Now we could just ignore her barking and sleep in, that is if we were completely deaf.  For a small dog, (she is all of 6 lbs I think) she can make the loudest and shrillest sounds you have ever heard.  I don’t call it barking really because, that isn’t all she does… whatever you call it, you have to listen to her!  On the possitive side, you get to see Sunrises like this one!


IMG_9516The word for the day is Kingdom. You can see my other blog for more insight into that, but for today, suffice it to say, I got grubby for the kingdom!

We are expanding our technological outreach by adding streaming and other IP video options to our tool belt.   Today that meant running cat5 and cat6 cables the length of our sanctuary.  We had to get a move on as we are also improving our insulation, and this needed to get done before the insulators show up tomorrow!



So my secretary made this for the pastors.  It hangs in a little room that we now use for prayer, and those times we need to think without interruption. There are no phones in the room, and unless it is a dire emergency we have asked to be left alone when in the room.

So if you knock on the door  to ask where the glue sticks are or if I think the walls should be puce/puse or chartreuse, I will consider it a transgression of the worst kind!  Ok, likely not, but still, you get my point.

You can read my other blog at if you want to know more about the room and why it is such a blessing.


IMG_9044So since I was very young I have loved my Legos (yes they have been around THAT long!).  This year for Christmas, my dear wife got me a pair of Lego cufflinks which I need for a couple of my clerical shirts.  As it is lent and the color of the season is purple I thought adding some purple legos to the cuffs would be a nice touch. My Christain Education Director Beth came through for me as I don’t have any purple Legos, and her daughters did!

What does this have to do with forgiveness, maybe not much. When I lead worship, and as I do my job I take it seriously, but not always in an overly formal way. Like lego cufflinks, creativity and fun can and should be part of the worship experience.  Maybe you don’t see confession and forgiveness as fun, and often they are not but they are central, even foundational to our whole worship and life experience as Christians.

Forgiveness now that I think about it is a bit like legos.

Forgiveness now that I think about it is a bit like legos.  Forgiveness is often the thing we build our future upon. Forgiveness allows us to go forward in God’s grace knowing that our past mistakes while they may leave scars, do not dictate our future.


IMG_9445For a brief shining moment, I thought I would get my car washed today. It wasn’t subzero, and the line didn’t seem to be too bad… so I slipped in… and waited… and waited.  My car was likely the least in need of a wash, man there were some grubby cars so after 15 min and only 2 cars moved, I was out of there.

Here is the funny thing about dirt. We need it, seeds often won’t germinate without it.  You can give it moisture, and warmth and sunshine and nutrients, but if there is no contact with dirt, you get nada.

Yes, I know about hydroponics, but suffice it to say for a seed to germinate and grow, dirt of some kind is needed!  Dirt gets a bad name, but think about it where would we be without it, well we wouldn’t we are made from he stuff.  So my question is this what seeds are growing in the dusty, grimy loamy areas of your life?



This sign is posted at an intersection I use to drive by frequently.  It is naturally a wooded area, and I know what the sign actually means, but I couldn’t help but to giggle a little each time I saw it. A good number of people have told me they never saw the sign before, others seemed to share in my sense of humor. So a couple years ago the “running bubble girl” was a meme and one day I had to stop take a picture of the sign and drop her in… just perfect.  In the midst of Lent can we repent of taking ourselves too seriously?


The word for the day is proclaim.   It is one of the jobs each baptised Christian has in their life long job description. As it says in 1Peter 2:9 – “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” How have you proclaimed what God has done in word and deed today?