IMG_0494Have you ever heard the phrase “run out of steam?” It is one of those idioms that I frequently use when some idea, thought or action fizzles out!  It is very likely that this phrase came from the days of the old steam locomotives.  Valves like this one would be used to regulate the steam or the re-condensed water back to the boiler.  Some valves were set to take some of the steam off lest the pressure build up and blow everything to kingdom come.   But you couldn’t run with all the valves wide open either, lest you run out of steam…There is real skill in operating a locomotive, old steam ones as well as, the modern diesel, I guess that is why they are run by engineers, not just drivers!

Life is much like this; there is always a balance between Continue reading

Oh, Canada!

IMG_0493This is the old well worn logo of the Canadian National Railways.  The faded color of the rest of the car is what must have been their old livery color scheme.

I will include at the bottom a more color accurate version of this old logo, the maple leaf is not pink!  But there is some class even to this old logo. The maple leaf is the central symbol on the Canadian flag as well as the sense of national identity.

A goodly number of years ago, they dropped Continue reading



Gears have always fascinated me. From the movement or caliber of a watch to the massive gears in trains, and even bigger gears that are part of large industrial machines, or the mechanisms that move bridges. A particular favorite of mine are the gears that often get used in various “Rube Goldberg” contraptions.

Here is the thing about gears though, they are not very glamorous, they don’t really do anything but turn around and around and around. Gears, in fact, are looked upon Continue reading


Entrance door for an old passenger rail car.

Entrance door for an old passenger rail car.

This passenger car has seen its better days. When I was walking around the rail yard, I would poke my nose into these cars and wonder about all those people who traveled in these cars.  Many of these cars were what I would call Continue reading

Road to Nowhere

IMG_0400No, it isn’t foggy… and I am pretty sure no amount of wiper fluid will help clear that windshield!

I am no archeologist, but I am thinking there was at least a decade of gravel pit dust on this old truck. But I love this picture because it reminds me of the old trucks I would ride in from time to time when I as a kid.

These were working trucks, nothing fancy, that aftermarket fan on the dash was about as tricked out as these things got.

The lesson I preached on today was from Acts 10 and that famous quote from Peter, “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, Continue reading

Head on

IMG_0318So today is tax day.  So in honor of the fact that I just finished mine and sent them in, we have a photo of the front end of the Willys.

It’s days like today that the first verse that pops into my head is the old “render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasars, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Now here is the funny part.  What is Gods? Well, everything…  No, not everything else, everything!

Jesus doesn’t beat around the bush, he answers this question head on, but we are so divided in our thinking that we forget everything technically belongs to God, including ourselves!

I understand that Rush Limbaugh is a Continue reading