IMG_0940So there is this sign that I pass by frequently. Often it has a portion of a Bible verse or some other pious platitude.  Most often I don’t find them all that uplifting nor thought provoking… this one though, this one hit my funny bone!  When I posted this on Instagram, I quipped “A fresh new take on Genesis!”

Now understand that I take both my faith, and others faith seriously. But Paul touches on something in 1st Corinthians that is good to remember.  Starting at verse 18 he writes: Continue reading

Crosses 5 – On Loan

IMG_0902This is the cross that I have worn the most during my life as a pastor. It is my pastor cross as someone very young once called it. I have worn it in worship, but mostly I wear it like this, with my clerical shirt, I guess you could say it is of my working cross.     The last in this series on crosses.

This cross is not mine; It is my dads. I think I asked permission to borrow it, but that was nearly 20 years ago now and neither one of us remembers or at least I don’t.

I have gotten quite a few comments on it over the years as it is sort of unique. The nails that are used echo the nails driven into Christ on his cross.  I guess one could say “this cross is not mine” it’s my Saviors.

Over the last five days, we have looked at different crosses, and they all have that in common. These crosses however they look, wherever we find them remind us of the power of God’s gracious love.  We are reminded that in the cross, and empty Continue reading

Crosses 4 – Snap Shot

IMG_0887I know two things about this photo for sure. One is I took it on my second favorite island in the world, Puerto Rico, and the other is, well, its a cross.

As I scanned through my library, I stumbled over this image.  I don’t remember taking the photo, it may have even been accidental, because I don’t even remember ever seeing this church, but the data on the photo proves that it was taken in or around San Juan.

Then I got to thinking, the cross does that in our lives doesn’t it? After all a cross is just two intersecting lines, they are all over the place.  But this is how God works, the ordinary is made extraordinary in God’s grace.  Crosses that pop up unbidden to remeind us of God’s mercy, crosses that appear in our feild of view when we most need to be reminded of what God has done and conitnues to do for us.

Crosses 3 – Chi Rho

IMG_0884This is the cross that stands directly above the entrance to the education wing at my church. I loved the green of the oak leaf’s, the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds. I also love the grey limestone cross and the Chi Rho.

No this is not a symbol for some Greek frat, nor is it a cross though it has been confused by some as both those things! They are in fact letters, Greek letters, the first two letters in the Greek word for Christ, “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ”, Lest there be
any doubt about what that cross above it is all about, those two initials clear that up right away! They have a fascinating history and story if you’d like to learn more you can take a look at the Wikipedia page here.

What are the things that help lead you forth faithfully into life? Is the cross, a Chi Rho, or something else? I’d love to hear about your touchstones of faith and symbols of your growth in Christ.

Crosses 2 – Crucifix

IMG_0807Growing up I remember some fuss about the use of a crucifix as opposed to a cross. I don’t remember the why of it, but I remember no small consternation about it on someone’s behalf.

Crucifixes were deemed to “Catholic.” The difference being, the cross is empty, the crucifix has Christ on the cross.   Many of those of my tribe, Lutherans, and many Protestants frowned Continue reading

Crosses 1 – Found

IMG_0804Well, I am back.  A good week away doing some continuing ed, and enjoying a beautiful setting.  I mentioned a couple of weeks back I thought I would take a week or so and concentrate on crosses.  So here we are with cross number one.

I actually just took this picture today as I was leaving church. This was on the car right next to me, and I remembered, oh… Continue reading


IMG_0583This is the old Lifesaving Station run in recent years by the Coast Guard on Plum Island. My understanding is that it got its name because it is plum in the middle of what is known as “Porte des Morte” or Death’s Door, the entrance into Green Bay from Lake Michigan.  I would pass by this island every time I took a trip off Washington Island where I lived for six years. Until just recently it had been abandoned since 1990 when the Coast Guard came over to the big Island.

There is no small humor in my mind about putting a lifesaving station at death’s door; it’s perfect!  There are well over 200 wrecks around this island so its placement there was Continue reading